About Rosewood School

Rosewood School provides for boys aged between eleven and sixteen. Children who attend Rosewood have a primary need of ESBD – Emotional, Social and Behavioural Disorder. In addition to this they may have one or more of the following needs;

SPLDSpecific Learning Difficulty
PTSDPost-traumatic Stress Disorder
OCDObsessive Compulsive Disorder
ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ODDOppositional Defiance Disorder
MLDModerate Learning Disability
SEDSporadic Explosive Disorder

We aim to add value to all our pupils no matter what their learning difficulty.

At Rosewood we provide small group teaching with an emphasis on socialisation skills designed to help each pupil make progress. We aim to add value to all our pupils no matter what their learning difficulty.

Our school thrives on effective relationships based on mutual respect, and our prime aim is to offer our pupils the chance of success through education. We hope that by building trust and offering a curriculum rich in experiences, alongside emotional support and stability, our lads have a strong chance of achieving their potential and making a success of their future.

We offer an environment and curriculum which allows our pupils to thrive gaining many successes including GCSEs, BTEC, Vocational and Entry Level qualifications. The vast majority of our children continue their studies at local colleges and appropriate training providers. We work very closely with local business to enable our children to engage in work experience meaning some children are able to access apprenticeships or real life work placements.

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