To The Rosewood School…

To The Rosewood School…

  • 20 September 2016

To The Rosewood School…

When our grandson started nursery we knew he had problems but we got told he was a normal lad. When he started junior school we still believed he still had problems but they were getting worse and worse. From nursery to year 3 we got told that he was a normal boy and if there were any problems with him that all the other kids will have problems.

So this continued until about year 4, then the school started to notice a problem, by year 5 they had washed their hands of him.

Then came the next school, let’s just say the children ran the school, after a couple of months there he got expelled.

The Rosewood school.

We heard that much bad stuff about this school we were considering home tutoring but we decided to give the school a chance which was the best thing we have done so far. He still has his problems but this school has worked so hard with our grandson, they have totally changed him. He still has his upsets and tantrums but not as bad since he’s been at Rosewood.

I would recommend this school to anybody who needs help with their children, they never turn their backs on the children. They teach them a lot more than any other school. Our grandson is so much cleverer, happier, helpful and now sometimes a pleasure to be with. I would recommend that the teachers and the school get a well-deserved award.

I am so happy our grandson ended up at Rosewood and I would like to take this chance to thank all the staff at Rosewood. The biggest thank you ever. If it wasn’t for you where would he and a lot of the other boys be.

We know our grandson would have ended up in a Child’s jail if it wasn’t for the help of the staff at Rosewood.


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