Pupil Premium


All Schools are required to report to parents and carers as to how we spend the money given to us via Pupil Premium Payments.

  • Rosewood School has 49 pupils on roll this academic year 16/17.
  • 31 pupils, 63.26% are supported by pupil premium.
  • Rosewood will receive £31790 for the academic year 16/17.

Key Priorities

  • To narrow the disadvantage gap by addressing inequalities and raising the rate of progress and attainment of those students deemed disadvantaged, especially those students who have been entitled to free school meals in the last six years and children in public care.

What we expect to see;

Targeted additional support strategies resulting in all students being able to;

  • Overcome any barriers to learning and engagement
  • Improve their levels of attendance, engagement, attainment and progress
  • Close attainment gaps relative to school and national averages
  • Have full access to the curriculum
  • Access a full range of support.

Evaluation of the academic year 2015/16

In the academic year 15/16 the roll was around 50 for most of the year. This means that 34 students, 68%, were supported by Pupil Premium.

The government allocation consists of a specific pupil premium grant to every school. We have decided to account for this spending on an academic year basis, although this does create a difficulty as the money is received and allocated on a financial year basis. For the Year 2015/16 school received £31,790 which was also the same amount that we received in the previous year (14/15).

The expenditure of £31790 was broken down as follows:

Category of SupportAllocationApprox number of Disadvantaged Children.Contribution towards costsCumulative Total Spend
Metacognition and self-regulation strategies (Alternative Provision, Anger Management, Home School Support work and Learning Support.LSS Assessment and Monitoring
Educational Psychologist
Rewards and Visits
1-2-1 Tutoring (personalised timetables, use of TAs, individualised learning/instruction)Personalised Curriculum
Alternative Provision
Resources (ICT etc)ICT Support34£2,000.00£27,300.00
Assessment for Learning Sports participation and out of school activitiesAttendance Intervention
Breakfast Club
Reducing class size Narrowing the gapBooks34£160£31,790.00

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