The School Day

Our school day typically follows the structure shown here although we may occasionally make alterations to allow for exceptional events.

8:45Pupils arrive in school
8:45Breakfast Club
9:00 Registration
9:05 First Lesson
9:50 Second Lesson
10:30 Tutor Time
10:33 Break Time
10:42Tutor Time
10:45Third Lesson
11:30Fourth Lesson
12:15 Tutor Time
12:25 Lunchtime
1:00 Afternoon Registration
1:05 Fifth Lesson
1:45 Sixth Lesson
2:30 Tutor Time / Taxi Calls
3:00 Pupils return home

Lunchtime Arrangements

Pupils may bring sandwiches or purchase a school meal for £2.10. Usual LA arrangements apply for pupils on free school meals.

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