Environmental Studies

Gardening at Rosewood has great value, enriching the school curriculum, teaching life skills and offers social and emotional benefits to pupils. Over half of Rosewood pupils, of all abilities enjoy working in a different environment giving fresh air, exercise, sunshine and new skills.

We develop many projects learning gardening skills and growing vegetables, flowers, fruit and herbs, harvesting and tasting our produce.

We are members of ‘Let's Grow’ scheme (funded by Morrisons) and pupils now have the opportunity to go off site to help maintain the schools allotment.

Gardening at Rosewood helps pupils with their behaviour, gaining confidence and boosting their self-esteem by enabling pupils to be calm and focus on their other lessons.

Gardening encourages a healthy diet by connecting children to the source of their food and fostering an appreciation of the flavours and benefits of vegetables and fruit.

Gardening at Rosewood is fun!

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