Food Technology

Food Technology is one of the curriculum areas through which Design and Technology is delivered at Rosewood school. However we believe that Food Technology at Rosewood school also serves other functions. In a world where cultural and socio-economic factors have deskilled people in preparing and cooking quality food, it is a vital source of knowledge practicing life-skills. It is also a creative and therapeutic time where practical tasks overtake academic imperatives.

Promoting good nutrition, healthy eating, home safety, healthy lifestyles, enjoyment and achievement, make a positive contribution to achieving economic well-being. All are important areas that are addressed through food technology.

Key Stage 3

Food Technology is taught to year 7,8 and 9 twice a week with the intention of gradually introducing the pupils to basic cooking skills, food safety, healthy eating and knowledge and understanding of the bodies nutritional needs. Pupils plan and prepare a dish each week; this may be a main course, healthy snack, cake or desert. Cultural, social, medical and personal dietary needs are discussed and appropriate / suitable meals are planned and prepared. The current scheme of work builds on existing skills, extending understanding and knowledge as well as practical ability.

Key Stage 4

The schemes of work followed by KS4 fulfil both the National Curriculum requirements and those of the Welsh Board GCSE . Pupils are assessed through coursework and a final examination.

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