ICT is studied throughout the school either during ICT lessons in the network suite or through other lessons across the curriculum. The school has access to the Internet and pupils are taught and encouraged to use it wisely.

Students use word processing and desktop publishing in many subject areas along with spreadsheet and database software. Specialised subject specific applications are used to heighten the students’ experience and increase motivation. A wide variety of software allows students to develop skills of investigation, data handling, word processing and presentation.

Pupils have access to a purpose built computer suite as well as computers in individual classrooms. The subject is very popular as it often offers great success where previously pupils may have struggled, especially in areas such as writing and spelling.

There are strong cross-curricular links between IT and individual subjects so that IT skills are constantly practised as well as enhancing teaching across the range.

Pupils follow the requirements of National Curriculum i.e. years 7 and 8 study KS3 IT, year 9 follow the KS3 curriculum with year 10 and 11 following the full course GCSE. We are following Edexcel Full Course GCSE 2IT01/02.

The emphasis is on mastering and reinforcing basic skills whilst extending these skills in a variety of situations such as communicating, handling data, control and modelling/ spreadsheets.

Some of our pupils show real talent for ICT and we have ambitious aims for their future success in the subject. Ultimately, we hope that all pupils will be computer literate by the time they leave Rosewood and armed with the computer skills and knowledge to succeed in this technological age.

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