Science at Rosewood aims to develop experimental and investigative abilities. We aim for students to develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas and activities and we draw on a wide range of resources to support this. The curriculum provides opportunity for students to explore the subject through theoretical and practical activities. We have a well resourced laboratory and prep room.

Pupils study topics of work covering knowledge of Chemistry, Physics and Biology at Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum. Some topics include; Organisms, Behaviour and Health, Chemical and Material Behaviour, Energy, Electricity and Forces, The Environment, Earth and Universe. Pupils are introduced to working safely in laboratory and using specialised equipment confidently to develop their practical skills.


At Key Stage 4 pupils work towards completing a two-year course leading to a GCSE certification. This also involves sitting two exams at the end of year 11 and completing a controlled assessment. They will learn about a wider range of scientific concepts and analytical techniques. They will consider them in greater depth and find out how they apply in today's work place.

Pupils follow all the units in the Science specification, Biology, Physics and Chemistry at Key Stage 4 for external accreditation.

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